TO APPLY If you are interested in modeling for us, please email us and tell us your age and height. (Other measurements, like weight, bust, waist, and hips are also helpful.) Also please send nude photos. We will not reproduce, display, or publish the photos. But we need to see what you look like. The photos do not need to be professionally shot, but you should follow these guidelines:

 SEXY GIRLS with open minds of all races and ethnic backgrounds, ages 18-40, are wanted to model for M.C.G. PRODUCTION. Have fun and earn a lot of money. Please include nude photos of you standing, front, side and back. (It is optional to show your butt while bending over, but we prefer a shot that shows your butt while you are standing.)

 Photos need clearly to show your face, breasts, butt, tummy, legs, etc. Don't cover or block your body parts with hands, clothing, etc. Especially don't cover your tummy and breasts. A lot of girls try to hide their flaws this way, but this is not the place for that.

 Photos should not be altered to hide anything. Photos should be fairly recent.

 REFERRALS: refer a girl to us, and when we photograph her, we will pay you a $100 referral fee